K&G Spectrum - Your expert in outdoor perimeter surveillance radar
Your expert in outdoor perimeter surveillance radar. K&G Spectrum is a manufacturer of Radar based Perimeter Intrusion Dectection Systems (PIDS) which are compact, reliable, low-emission millimeter wave radars.

Outdoor Intrusion Sensors

K&G Spectrum Inc is specializing in millimeter wave technology to be used in outdoor intrusion sensors. K&G's radars unique millimeter wave capabilities bring to outdoor intrusion sensor security market a world leader in outdoor intrusion sensors.

Millimeter wave radar sensors are physically smaller than conventional radar sensors and create a more defined detection area compared to other outdoor intrusion sensors with better immunity against weathers and hard environmental conditions.

Designed specially for outdoor intrusion sensor applications, the SPECTRUM family of perimeter surveillance ground based radar sensors is compact, high-reliability, low-emission, true millimeter wave radar providing outdoor intrusion sensor location capabilities.

Spectrum's outdoor intrusion sensors are based on a patented spread-spectrum technology core, with additional layers of modularized hardware/software functions to provide tailored support for a wide range of outdoor intrusion sensor detection systems.

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