K&G Spectrum - Your expert in outdoor perimeter surveillance radar
Your expert in outdoor perimeter surveillance radar. K&G Spectrum is a manufacturer of Radar based Perimeter Intrusion Dectection Systems (PIDS) which are compact, reliable, low-emission millimeter wave radars.

SR-3030 (SR3030)

K&G Spectrum Inc is specializing in ground based radar for perimeter intrusion detection sensors. K&G's SR-3030 radarís unique millimeter wave capabilities bring to security market a world leader in ground based perimeter intrusion detection radars.

Our SR-3030 is a pencil beam of 30x30 degrees x 50 meters. The SR-3030 is mainly used for general area intrusion detection applications.

The millimeter wave SR-3030 radar is physically smaller than conventional radars and create a more defined detection area with better immunity against weathers and hard environmental conditions.

Designed specially for outdoor perimeter intrusion detection applications, the SR-3030 is compact, high-reliability, low-emission, true millimeter wave radar providing intrusion location capabilities.

Spectrum's ground based SR-3030 radar is based on a patented spread-spectrum technology core, with additional layers of modularized hardware/software functions to provide tailored support for a wide range of intrusion detection systems.

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