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Your expert in outdoor perimeter surveillance radar. K&G Spectrum is a manufacturer of Radar based Perimeter Intrusion Dectection Systems (PIDS) which are compact, reliable, low-emission millimeter wave radars.

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K&G Spectrum
87D Blvd St-Raymond
Gatineau, Quebec
Canada J8Y 1S6

Tel: 1-819-595-0954
Fax: 1-819-595-4820
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K&G Spectrum
87D Blvd St-Raymond
Gatineau, Quebec
Canada J8Y 1S6

Telephone: 1-819-595-0954
Fax: 1-819-595-4820
Coordinates: 45 27'. 19" N ; 75 43' 56. 64" W

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General Inquires: info@kgspectrum.com
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Careers: careers@kgspectrum.com

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Our NEW radar
360 degrees beam
Release date Q2 2013
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Pencil beam Invisible Wall or ceiling Invisible Wall or ceiling General area surveillance