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Your expert in outdoor perimeter surveillance radar. K&G Spectrum is a manufacturer of Radar based Perimeter Intrusion Dectection Systems (PIDS) which are compact, reliable, low-emission millimeter wave radars.

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Millimeter waves
  • Miniature antenna
  • Immune to environmental changes
Spread-Spectrum technology
  • Immune to interferences
  • Multiple sensors
True radar
  • Location Capability
  • Sub-Zoning
  • Adjustable range

Technology Core Platform

The core platform consists of microwave and baseband transmit / receive electronics, which generates a well-defined search beam and converts the captured radar reflections of real-world targets into electrical signal. The spread-spectrum technology guarantees these advantages:

  • Accurate and consistent determination of the range of detected targets within the search beam.
  • Inherent immunity to interference, jamming, and emissions from other radar units.
  • Low emission, designed for FCC license exempt compliance, virtually undetectable by conventional radar detectors or scanners.

Signal Processing Module

This software layer analyzes the return signal of each target according to application-specific alarm thresholds for target size, range, and speed. Only those targets that exceed the predefined thresholds in user-selected ranges would trigger an intrusion alarm. A programmable alarm-condition counter provides a simple but effective means of preventing false alarms.

Antenna Module

The choice of antenna is generally dictated by beam geometry (elevation and azimuth beam angles and range). In addition to those defined in the standard configurations (SR 0303, SR-3030 & SR-4505), other beam geometries can be achieved using custom-designed antenna.

Communications Module

Apart from the basic function of transmitting alarm signals, the bi-directional communication layer is also used for the direct control of internal operating parameters during installation and setup. In addition, the embedded micro-controller can be remotely reprogrammed after installation, to cope with any changes that may arise in the overall security scheme.

Environmental Layer

This hardware layer includes the housing, connecting, mounting, and aiming arrangements according to the requirements of each end application.

All K&G Spectrum radar sensors are completely weather sealed, with lightning protection on all input/output lines.

Reliability Features

Hardware and software elements are embedded in the K&G Spectrum radar sensor for automatic self-test to be performed at regular intervals. The self-test procedure is integrated with, but transparent to, normal operation. This self-test, in conjunction with a communication protocol that includes "heart-beat", allows complete system health to be continuously monitored.

Installation and Alignment

K&G Spectrum radar sensors are designed for easy installation with supplied mounting kit.

Optical or video alignment (aiming) aids are available for aiming the search beam accurately and rapidly at the intended area of coverage.

Sensor Verification

Area of coverage for each sensor can be easily verified and alarm threshold adjusted by a single operator in a "walk test" while monitoring sensor response using a hand held K&G Spectrum wireless decoder unit in conjunction with a temporarily attached wireless transmitter.


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